Day 7: Mia

On day 7, we were all able to get a bit more of a sleep in and had breakfast at 8:30! This was very beneficial for all of us as the past week has been hectic and filled with many activites, so the extra rest was very appreciated by all of us. We all made the most of our last big buffet breakfast at the Grand Dynasty Culture Hotel.

Our first outing for the day was to the “Big Wild Goose Pagoda” which is the most popular Buddhist temple in Xian. This temple use to only be accessible to people of high superiority or emporers however is now open to anyone who wishes to visit. Our tour guide, Konny, was very knowledgeable and was basically a human encyclopedia, she was able to give us heaps of information on the origins of the Buddha and how Buddhism was founded which is very helpful for our Global citizenship presentations. At the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, we saw Buddhists burning incense at the praying area, which we then learned is thought to send the prayers to heaven. Here we also learnt about Taoism and the beliefs of taoists and found it interesting to learn that Winnie the Poo was a taoist. “he knows what he wants, which is honey, and he knows that this equals happiness. Taoists do not make unrealistic big goals, the take small steps. This creates less stress and disappointment within life and allows you to be more greatful.

We then went to a very fancy buffet lunch before we headed off to the Muslim Quarter. Going to the muslim quarter was very insightful and interesting for all of the delegation as we never really knew that there was muslim communities in China. At the muslim mosque we were able to see the praying area. Women are not permitted to pray in the same area as the men. To us, this seemed sexist however was considered very progressive within the muslim quarter as once, women were not permitted to be at the mosque at all. Everyone had a good laugh when Isabella saw a very cute stray cat, and concernly stated “Oh no, It’s got a bum ulcer” when really it was just a male cat who was not desexed. It was here where Sadhana became a proffesional tour guide and decided to take over Konny.

After visiting the mosque, we all got in some last minute market shopping and bargaining at the muslim quarter. Sadhana decided to buy a selfie stick, and begin a new career prospect in vlogging. we all really see a future for her in this. We then ended the day with visiting the Ancient City Wall of Xian where some Buddhist monks got pictures with us and we took lots of selfies doing the Mr Tung poses. Then Dakota got handed a random baby while the mother made them pose together for pictures.

Overall a well needed relaxing day! From Mia


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