Day 8: Mr Tung

Today was a travelling day and it really was a big one. We started off by waking up at 4:15am to get ready to go out the door by 4:50am; we were all extremely tired however we all pushed through with enthusiasm and positivity. We then caught a 2.5 hour flight from Xián to Guangzhou, once there we caught a bus and headed towards UISZ the international school and our main home for the second half of the trip.

Upon arrival we were provided with lunch in the canteen area with a delicious array of foods to choose from to fill our hunger.

After this we were given a tour of the campus and shown all the facilities of the school including a canteen, gym, recreation area, theatre, basketball courts, tennis courts and also a soccer field. The biggest surprise however was the heat with the weather report clocking in at 30• and a humidity of 99%, it was hot and heavy and illustrated what challenges we may have to face in the future. The students were shown their rooms which are very similar to a college dorm with rooms of 3 and each one having their own amenities such as a shower, toilet and sink.

After we were orientated and had some time to relax, we had tea together which again was provided in a buffet style arrangement. From there we sat down to compound on our learning of the Forbidden City by watching the first half of the film ‘The Last Emperor’.

Once the first half was over we went to sleep.

Overall an extremely exhausting day however everyone approached it with extremely good spirits. – Mr Tung


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