Day 10: James

We woke up at 7am and got breakfast at around 7:30. We packed clothes and our belongings for the Heishan village the night before. Carrie and Yan packed us sandwiches to fill our stomachs for lunch. They said that the bus ride would take 4 hours but it actually took a little over 8 hours. At 9am we drove away from Utahloy. Two hours into the trip we stopped at a gas station for a toilet break and all the girls surrounded a cute puppy who was with its owner near the toilet. I did my business and we all ate lunch in the bus. After a very long drive we made a stop at the Yao minority village. The place had a breathtaking view of the mountains. As we walked around the village and we stopped at a small market. I decided to buy a fan as a gift for my cousin and Riley bought a fan for his brother. Minutes later it started to pour down on us. A lady allowed us to stay in here house for a while until the rain stopped. She showed us how she made chicken in a pan and it looked delicious. The rain started to settle down after twenty minutes so we headed off.

The bus took off to the Heishan village but had to make another stop at the gas station. Most people were craving chocolate so we bought some Oreos. Half an hour later we finally arrived at the Heishan village. We were introduced to our home stay families that we would be living with for the next three nights. Dinner was held at the canteen, rice,chicken,noodle soup and vegetables were served. It was a really nice meal. Carrie and Yan took us to this performance that involved a love story between a man and a woman. The play was enjoyable even though I understood none of it. All the dancing and effects amazed me. After a long day we went back to our homestay families to sleep. Our rooms were on the second floor of the building. When Riley and I stepped in our room Riley saw a spider the size of his hand on his bed. It was actually terrifying and I called Yan so he can pick it up and leave it back outside. As soon as he came the spider crawled under the mattress. He offered to switch rooms so Riley and I now had his room. The room was smaller than the other one but at least there was no spider. A big cockroach decided to walk in our room and I jumped away from it letting out a quiet scream. It crawled out afterwards. We finally went to bed but I was too scared to fall asleep due to the possibility of a spider crawling on me during the night.


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