Day 11: Riley

Today we woke up at 7am to have breakfast at 8am. The houses we are staying in are very nice and the people are so friendly. After breakfast we made dumplings and sticky rice cakes, we cut up all the ingredients to make the dumplings and we had some trouble holding them. The dumplings tasted amazing and were very filling. The sticky rice cakes were a little bit easier to make and they were made of pumpkin, they also tasted delicious.

After making the dumplings and sticky rice cakes, we went for a hike to the rice fields it was very challenging because of the heat but we pushed through to see an amazing view of the mountains and the rice fields. The rice fields are sectioned off to each specific family. On the way down the mountain we stopped for a ice cream where we cooled off for a bit. We got back to the village and had some lunch, we had lunch later today because the dumpling and sticky rice cakes were so filling.

After lunch we got on the bus to a nearby field where we would be making and picking tea. It was very cool to see how the tea is made and we also helped in making the tea too. The rain made us come back inside but we got to try black tea, green tea and white tea. The view was amazing from where we were sitting.

When we got back to the village it was time to eat dinner with our home stay families, the food was delicious, we got to meet the whole family and take a photo. It was very challenging communication with them but we had Yan to help us out. After dinner we got to try some red tea which is world famous, we drank a lot of tea tonight, we ended up drinking non-stop for one and a half hours.

We finished the evening playing some games organised by Yan and Carrie and also joining in some line dancing with the local citizens.


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