Day 13: Sadhana

Waking up at 6:45am to have breakfast so we could make our way back to Utahloy school, we had breakfast at 7:30am. After we had our meal in the heishan village for the last time, we said goodbye to our host families and off we were on the bus, on our way back to the school. Soon after being on the bus, everyone was fast asleep on the bus.

We stopped at a gas station for a lunch break, during lunch we ate chicken burgers which were really nice. Mr.Tung, Ms.Boyes, Riley, Safana and I we all got snickers since we were missing australia. When we arrived at the school we did our laundry and rested for a while before we stared working on our global presentations. After working on our global presentation we went to the canteen to grab dinner, it was a fun night because we saw the students celebrating birthday’s on one certain day, the whole setup was really nice and fun. After dinner we worked on our global presentation and after that we went to sleep.

signing off Sadhana


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