Day 14: Mia

Today we woke up pretty early for breakfast, 7:15! That way we could head off to our bike ride before the heat got too unbearable… the bus ride to the cycling area was only about 5 minutes. During our bike ride we were able to cycle through some beautiful scenery with picturesque gardens. The cycling area was located in a small rural village where we saw lots of small farms and agriculture. We rode past a group of local villagers cleaning up after the recent typhoon that affected the Guandong province. They were cleaning up fallen trees in the creek and surrounding areas. This gave us a first-hand insight into how the locals deal with these regularly occuring natural disasters … Rather then just going off the information we get from the news. We learnt about the problems that the agriculture in this area has endured. For example; The swine flu phenomenon inclined the chinese government to crack down on pig farming. They focused on cleaning the surrounding areas of the pig farms and moving the farms away from urbanisation. The old pig farms have now been replaced by duck farming. We also got to see the local produceof the village which included bananas, sweet potato, zucchini’s, ginger.

The last activity for the day was the bargaining bonanza. We split into two groups; me, Dakota, Tanya and Isabella. And then Riley, James, Safana and Sadhana. We had a challenge where we had to buy something “Chinesey” something “Australianey”, bazarre food, an accessory for the teachers to wear and something random of our choice… Which we all coincidently chose a peppa pig item, or rather “pei pei pig”. We all then went for our last resturant meal together at the “plaza”, which was very delicious!

When we got back to Utahloy, we took turns presenting our buys to the New Horizons staff and gave a brief explanation of why we chose each item, and then tried our weird foods, which actually turned out to taste great!

From Mia


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